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Discover the skies of South Africa with our comprehensive helicopter services tailored to your needs. Whether you're seeking the thrill of helicopter charters, breathtaking aerial tours, capturing stunning visuals through aerial filming, or ensuring secure transport flights, we offer a versatile fleet of helicopter types to choose from. To make your experience even more convenient, simply provide the distance of your intended flight by road, and we'll swiftly provide you with a cost estimate.


Please keep in mind that our estimates are based on an average passenger weight of 80kg. Should the weight exceed this limit, rest assured that we prioritize your safety and comfort; thus, a 3-passenger helicopter may accommodate 2 passengers with weights surpassing 80kg each. Kindly note that all cost estimates are subject to change, and factors such as weather conditions and helicopter availability play a role. For flights spanning up to 400km, we highly recommend the efficiency of our helicopters. Beyond this range, consider the convenience of our fixed-wing or jet aircraft options. Your seamless aerial journey begins with us.

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